Dr. Brent Musolf

Following graduation in 1999, Brent was in private practice in the United States through 2009 and treated over 200,000 patients. 

Dr. Brent Muslolf

In 2002 Brent designed work safe and “Back to Work” programs for medical and light industry. Over the next few years he trained thousands of employees and monitored the return to work of hundreds of injured employees. Through these programs employers were able to significantly reduce employee injuries, decrease liability, reduce medical and insurance costs and save money as result of decrease loss of work hours.  Additionally, he began teaching anatomy this year at Davenport University and became an OSHA 501 trainer for light industry.

In early 2009 Brent set up and developed a private practice in Kabul, Afghanistan that supported international organizations such and the United Nations, USAID, LBG, PAE (CSSP, JSSP, NIU) programs. He also supported the United States military and ISAF personnel. During this time he treated over 100 patients that were injured as a result of bomb blasts and well over 1600 that sustained injuries in the line of duty.  

Late 2010 Brent joined Unity Resources Group as the Group Medical Director, managing the global operations of the organization. He developed and implemented a medical capacity that is currently spread throughout South Sudan with a central hospital and blood pathology lab located in Juba with 5 outlying regional trauma centers. These clinics now define the standard of care in this country. He implemented his vision of bringing 1st world care to 3rd world environments by providing care and capacity equal to or greater than can be had in the patients home countries. Additionally through consulting with local governments he has been able to enhance the levels of care and standards of care available to the regional population in Eastern Africa. In June of 2011 as Group Medical Director, Brent was contracted by the Australian Government to build a trauma clinic in Bagdad Iraq to support the diplomatic mission. Upon completion of the clinic in Iraq he returned back to Michigan to begin private practice again.

March of 2012 Brent reopened his private practice in the United States.  The philosophy of the practice is “Patient First”.  What that means is that only one person is scheduled at time per time slot. So the patient is seen at the time they set. Since there are not people waiting in the waiting room the patient can be assured that they are the focus of attention while they are with the doctor. Additionally, having gained significant experience in treating injuries that originate from farming all the way to the battle field he is able to care for many types of injuries that most others are not equipped for. This means many times there is a chance at recovery for those that had none before. It also leads to quicker recovery times for more common injuries.  


  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Board certified in Physiotherapy
  • Associate Professor of Anatomy
  • Certificate to teach OSHA 501 training
  • EMT-B


  • 15 years treating spine trauma as a result of industrial and farm accidents
  • 30 months  treating bomb blast injuries in Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan  
  • Managing Director overseeing the operation and healthcare standards of 23 clinics in four countries


State of Georgia Department of Defense Commendation Medal for his work with the US soldiers

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